"Get customized coverage for you, your family, and your business today!"

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Get Customized Coverage for You,

Your Family or Your Business

Knowledge is power when it comes to your insurance. Here at The Secret Insurance Agency, our process, systems, and procedures are built to drive your best insurance strategy. Get insurance today!

Personal Insurance Coverage


Each client is unique, and we evaluate your most valuable financial investment to make sure it’s covered. Because it’s not just your house, it’s your home.


With our experts here at The Secret Insurance Agency, we can make sure you stay worry free when you’re going from A to B.


We are here to help get you covered the right way and the smart way by protecting your assets and your future, even in life’s most unexpected circumstances. Find out more about umbrella insurance – contact our office in Totowa, New Jersey today.


With our recreational insurance programs, life can be smooth sailing. Insure your recreational toys with great coverage. No matter the tide, The Secret Insurance Agency will have you covered.


Here at The Secret Insurance Agency in Totowa, NJ, we can help you find the right coverage for you and your loved ones. Our experts can help you understand your options when it comes to your estate planning and life insurance.

Individual Disability

You and your family’s health should come first! That’s why here at The Secret Insurance Agency, we make sure affordable health insurance benefits are attainable, while removing the stress and burden of being overwhelmed.

Commercial Insurance Coverage


We can’t predict unexpected setbacks like a theft or fire, however, we can ensure protection for your company’s property, equipment, and loss of business income.

General Liability

The Secret Insurance Agency is here to protect all of your company’s assets. Set up a meeting with our insurance experts to evaluate all of your risks.

Workers' Compensation

As an employer you need to take the necessary steps to cover your employees. Injuries are inevitable and will occur. At The Secret Insurance Agency we can tailor a plan to provide the required benefits while offering options to reduce the premium costs.


Regardless of the size or number of vehicles in your fleet, The Secret Insurance Agency has the right options for you.

Professional Liability

(It’s not just for lawyers and doctors) Where general liability ends, professional liability begins.


During construction protect your work and job site. Our CRIS (Construction Risk Insurance Specialist) experts can help develop the right portfolio for your business.

Employee Group Benefits

Employee Health Benefits

Let our specialists, at The Secret Insurance Agency review your census to recommend options for your group health plan, dental plan, group life and other insurance benefits.

Group Life

Protect your employees and their families with group life insurance. The reassurance that beneficiaries will be financially covered in the event of an employee’s death adds peace of mind and financial security to everyone in your company or group.

Group Disability

If illness or a non-work accident keeps an employee out of work, Group Disability provides them with income to get through the down period. Providing Group Disability can be a valuable part of their compensation, adding stability and peace of mind to your workplace and all of your workers.

Our Mission

We are committed to deliver to our clients smart insurance options that meet their current needs and plan ahead for their future risks.

This will be accomplished through a powerful combination of:

Clearly understanding your insurance needs and exposure.

We do the legwork by researching and providing different options that you can choose from.

24/7 availability from our experts to ensure your insurance needs are met

From the day you come on board, we are there to support your needs from start to finish.

You can trust us to get the job done right, the first time.

The experts at The Secret Insurance Agency are on your team and will help you through whatever you need.

Secret Agents

Our Values


We are open, honest, and responsible for following through on our commitments.


We stand by our customers, partners, and associates through any situation.


We will review your best options, and plan ahead to ensure that we are prepared to handle any curveball thrown your way.


We are experts here at The Secret Insurance Agency. This is more than our job; it is our profession. Every client is important to us. We put you first!

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Get customized coverage for you, your family, and your business today!


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