Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Join the clients who trust us to keep their businesses safe and financially secure with our proprietary Secret Sauce 365 program.

The Secret Insurance Agency provides commercial insurance services to a wide range of businesses and industries, to optimize best practices for ongoing security and growth. We help to protect every aspect of your company, property and employees against unforeseen events and accidents. The Secret Insurance Agency has policies for all of your commercial insurance needs, and we have the insurance experts to make sure that you get exactly the coverage that you need. We are always proud to partner with business owners in protecting their hard-earned successes, and we are here to help you 365 days a year.

Commercial Insurance Coverage


We can’t predict unexpected setbacks like theft or fire, however, we can ensure protection for your company’s property, equipment and loss of business income.

General Liability

The Secret Insurance Agency is here to protect all of your company’s assets. Set up a meeting with our insurance experts to evaluate all of your risks. Each business is unique with its own separate set of risk characteristics.

Workers' Compensation

As an employer you need to take the necessary steps to cover your employee. Injuries are inevitable and will occur. At our agency we can tailor a plan to provide the required benefits while offering options to reduce the premium costs.


Regardless of the size or number of vehicles in your fleet, The Secret Insurance Agency has the right options for you.

Professional Liability

It’s not just for lawyers and doctors. Where general liability ends, professional liability begins


During construction protect your work and job site. Our CRIS (Construction Risk Insurance Specialist) experts can help develop the right portfolio for your business.


Bonding is financially guaranteeing a contract. We have the right relationships to secure the bond at the most reasonable costs.

Commercial Insurance

For Our Commercial Clients

What is Secret Sauce 365?

At The Secret Insurance Agency, we view each client as an ongoing partner in our own business – keeping people safe and financially secure. And when our client is a business, our partnership offers even more tools to provide best practices for ongoing security and growth.

The Secret Sauce 365 Program is designed for our commercial clients to evaluate risk exposure and allows us to help you optimize your risk management practices.

One ingredient in the Sauce is IQRM (Intelligence Quotient Risk Module). We are the only insurance group in New Jersey with access to patented IQRM technology – an innovative risk assessment and compliance software designed to understand the risk and issues facing your company. It benchmarks performance against your company’s ideal industry standards and facilitates the design of best practices risk control and mitigation strategies.

Insurance underwriters are loving Secret Sauce 365, allowing them to apply extra premium credits to your rates as we optimize your business practices all 365 days of the year. It’s a very powerful tool for your finances and your peace of mind.

Our Featured Partners

We have built strong relationships with many carriers, allowing us to find the best solution for your particular insurance needs.