Best Practices in Business and Best Practices in Life

Best Practices in Business and Best Practices in Life

Secret Sauce 365

Episode #8

Mr. Dorso began his career in the amusement industry in 1974 when he entered the family business. A business with roots in the amusement industry dating back to 1920. Mr. Dorso quickly grasped every aspect of the business and by 1979 took full control of the company at the age of 23. With hands-on management style and entrepreneurial spirit, he made a decision to expand and diversify from the company’s modest base.

The growth and success of State Fair can be attributed to Mr. Dorso’s vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and his leadership qualities including his ability to assemble winning teams.

His commitment to excellence and his dedication to service are evidenced in his life’s work as well as his personal life. Mr. Dorso is a respected member in both his business community and the community he calls home.

What You Will Learn:

  • Importance of knowing your competition
  • Who you should surround yourself in business
  • Why you should have fun in your business
  • How and why you need to adapt your business
  • What makes a great business concept
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