Doing the Customer Experience Right

Doing the Customer Experience Right

Secret Sauce 365

Episode #12

Stacy Sherman is an award-winning certified customer experience (CX) keynote speaker, author, podcaster, and founder of DoingCXRight®—a Heart & Science™ framework that accelerates customer loyalty, referrals, and revenue.

A fitness enthusiast, she enjoys biking, walking and cardio workouts as well as domestic and international travel. A former resident of Essex County where she lived for 25 years, Debbie currently resides with her husband and two daughters in Morris County.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?
  • What is customer journey mapping?
  • How does the customer experience (CX) affect customer retention?
  • How do you start best practices for the customer experience?
  • How can a high-level customer experience be a game-changer for your business?
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