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The Secret Insurance Agency has helped provide customized insurance solutions for businesses and families since 2015. They accomplish this with a powerful combination of understanding, available options, advocacy, and trust. Knowing how to protect your family and your business can be overwhelming, and this is why Stanley Hladik has made it his mission to give you the inside secrets to the insurance you need, potential issues to be aware of, and where to get your questions answered.

Episode 8: Best Practices in Business and Best Practices in Life

What You Will Learn: Importance of knowing your competition Who you should surround yourself in business Why you should have fun in your business How and why you need to adapt your business What makes a great business concept About Al Dorso Mr. Dorso began his career in the amusement industry in 1974 when he […]

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Episode 7: 3 Important Areas of Your Business to Focus On

What You Will Learn: Importance of technology Legal protection when starting a business Benefits of reviewing your finances About Stan Hladik Stan Hladik began his career as a State Farm Insurance agent in 1989. After diving into the insurance world and learning all of the ins and outs of the industry, Stan transitioned to Hanson […]

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Episode 5: Business Law Advice from Marc Gross, Partner at Fox Rothschild

What You Will Learn: What makes a legal contract How to avoid email legal troubles Having a proper buy/sell agreement Information on restricted covenants, post employment and producer contracts In the latest episode of the Secret Sauce Podcast 365, we speak with Marc Gross, Partner at Fox Rothschild about some important law topic regarding your […]

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Episode 4: Internet Technology Information from Anthony Bongiovanni, CEO & Technologist at Micro Strategies.

What You Will Learn: IT strategies for working remotely How to upgrade your systems Protecting your infrastructure from cyber-hackers What’s included in an incident response plan In the latest episode of the Secret Sauce Podcast 365, Anthony Bongiovanni, CEO & Technologist at Micro Strategies, shares with us important information on Internet Technology for your business. […]

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Episode 3: Business Tips from Cardie Saunders, CEO - Krew Enterprises; Senior Executive - CIMSense (AEA Investors LP)

What You Will Learn: Where to get experience from The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people How to motivate and challenge salespeople Mergers & Acquisitions Real Estate Investments In the latest episode of the Secret Sauce Podcast 365, we speak with Cardie Saunders, Corporate Development Executive at AEA Investors about some important topics […]

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Episode 2: Where to Start with Marketing your Business

What You Will Learn: Understanding target audience Need for a website Vision, mission, value statement Marketing urban myths In the latest episode of the Secret Sauce Podcast 365, we speak with Eric Lanel, President of GWP Inc. Advertising about some important topics in marketing your business. About Eric Lanel Eric Lanel began his professional career […]

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Episode 1: Secret Sauce 365 Trailer

Do you run a business? Have you been unsure of what to do? Stan Hladik knows it’s hard to find answers. His “Secret Sauce” to success is a recipe that has taken 30+ years of experience to perfect. The ingredients are comprised of knowledge and experience from the best of the best. The Secret Sauce […]

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